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    Default 86GT Digitial Premium Radio Sound Wiring ?s

    I'd like to acquire the proper harness(es) that will take my 86GT Premium digital radio to straight base wires without cutting into the harness. I've looked across the internet, but can't seem to find the proper harness to match the connectors that are the opposite mating connectors to the ones on the dash radio portion of the harness, let alone how to bypass the dash amp properly. Can anyone suggest what to do? I'm very interested in doing this properly in case I ever want to put my OE radio and amp back into the car. Thanks!
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    Default factory radio notes

    Have had many different radios in my 79 over the years. OEM was AM/FM std push button shaft mount.
    The dash oem harness is intact. Went with DIN. Cut the dash. Never went back. Too hard to work with non DIN.
    Had aftermarket. Factory Ford are easier to operate. Current is from 1992 connected to JBL 4 ch amp.

    May be able to help once the specific radio is id'ed.
    Face and rear connector type.
    Hard wired or back of radio plug in harness like M100.
    The later M100 type radio connection is common in late 80's thru 90's.
    Mid 80's is when both early and late type radios could be found installed. Regular and premium.

    Assuming is a DIN mount dash opening, square cut, no shaft knobs or dial.
    If the factory amp is always on, the radio may not have an amp section and will need ext amp.
    If radio can be played with amp off (under dash amp pull switch), it has internal amp.
    Removable factory radio pigtails can be found in self pic yards for a couple bucks. Early ones not so much.
    The wire codes are the hard part. Different radios can have same connectors but slightly different pin out functions.
    The speaker ones are usually the same pin outs. Radio power, lighting, memory wire color coding can change.
    Especially late 80's thru the 90's.

    Pics for reference only not endorsements.

    If hard wired radio plug has male bullet connectors, i have jammed butt connectors or the round end of a spade connector in there.
    And taped the heck out of it. Or use 3M Scotch-Loc splices tapped directly into the wiring.!471571925921!

    A few examples

    M100 type!48105!US!-1

    'Hard wired'

    Commonly seen in mid 80's

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