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    Default 79 pace performance muffler

    Hey all, what is the best muffler on the market to put on my 79 2.3 turbo?? I finally got a Ford ranger style header exhaust manifold.. curious what kind of muffler AND possible pipe size upgrades to do ...

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    Have been using Cherry Bomb Turbo 16805. Nine years of service, still ok.
    1/1987 (Walker 44670), 16805 in 11/2003, 11/2011.
    2.25 in/out. Oval shape. Cost less, smaller, much lighter than the others.
    Removable Easyseal 2.25 ss band clamps on all connections.
    Muffler u clamps dent pipes, not as strong connection, and don't seal as well.
    Added extra pipe hanger to muffler inlet pipe. Added support is backup in case of a hanger or pipe failure.
    Our bumpy roads and corrosion do a number on daily driver exhaust systems.
    Without a front muffler hanger and if inlet pipe breaks, the muffler and tail assy tip forward down onto road and try to dig in.
    Had that happen once on the freeway out of the blue. Lots of sparks.
    Thus extra thick rubber hanger. I had to use a nylon strap once to temp rehang to be able to drive on the I-275 shoulder to an exit and redo.
    Stock everything else (stainless). Stock twin tips (83 style).
    Was told by co-workers has nice sound from the back leaving work parking lot.
    Is quiet at idle rpm, bit louder driving. Close to the stock sound. Not loud at full throttle. No droning.

    Heavy all welded mufflers will work. The cheaper mufflers are seam lock type which work fine. Factory was seamed.
    Back in the muscle car era, Thrush straight thru round louvered were popular.
    Similar to Cherry Bomb Ol' Skool Hot Rod Mufflers, prob my alternate choice.
    Chambered exhaust systems were rare but sounded excellent on a performance V8. Vettes had similar as side pipes.
    Hemi mufflers were popular.

    Red painted glass pack straight thru bullet shaped cherry bombs are heavy and loud. They wont blow out though.
    The wrong offsets of the in/out muffler connections can complicate things.

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    I used a Walker for my 84 GT turbo. I donít recall exactly right now but it did have 2.25 inlet and outlet. I will have to look and see which one. I had to have a mid pipe custom made. Still working on the tail pipe.

    I ended up buying this Walker muffler for $37.00
    Walker Exhaust 18236 Sound FX Muffler
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    running complete 2.5 exhaust on my 1984 GT Turbo with 2.5 inch walker aluminum muffler with a stainless 2.5 duel outlet tip.

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