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    Default Cylinder balance Test

    I have an Innova Code reader. I cant run a cylinder balance test with the scanner and I think its because I have a CFI and not an EFI.

    Can anyone verify thats the reason?

    Its supposed to start the cylinder balance test after running KOER finishes after flicking the throttle. Mine never runs.

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    the balance test is for Port EFi only, and requires the PIP signal, which your TFi doesn't have.

    The truck 5.0 EECIV system from 1985 to 1995 is bank fire, not sequential so that test doesnt work. The Port EFI Mustang and Crown Vic engines are sequential so you can do that test on them.

    In the blance test, the EECIV will shut off each 8 injectors sequentially via the PIP signal or Crank Position sensor, and compare the drops in engine speed, and compare cylinders that way.

    If certain cylinders show a smaller RPM drop, it flags them as "problem" cylinders, and reports them as 10-80 or 90 if the test is a pass.

    The EECIV has extensive facility for Bank fire, Sequential, and Constant Pulse Width Modulated center-point.

    The EECIV was first, IIRC, on the the Mustang EFi Turbo and EXP Turbo (Sequential), then the down graded CFi in the Tempo/Topaz/Tracer. Then the Bank fire 5.0 Trucks and then the new HO CFI 5.0 in mid 1984.

    Sooo, the reader just blocks off what does not apply.

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    IIRC, it does the test 3 times, with more "exacting" criteria each time.
    (or maybe it was you can repeat it 3 times, forget exactly)
    Any truth to that part..............
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    There is a way to do a cyl. balance test that I used often when I was a tech. Cut equal lengths of vacuum hose about 1 and a half inches long each, 8 of them if it's a v8. Now remove each plug wire at a time from the distributor cap and install the vacuum line between the dist cap and the plug wire end. Next use a 12v test light and connect the appropriate end to a good ground. Now start the vehicle, and with the test light use the probe end and touch each vacuum line for the corresponding cyl. and observe if there is a drop in the rpm's. if it does drop go to the next cyl. and so forth. If there is no drop in any one of the cyls. that's where you need to look further. Hope this helps. It served me well over the years.

    Forgot to add in case people are curious, vacuum lines have carbon black in their composition and they will conduct electricity because of this.
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