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    Default Mustangs Unlimited in Manchester CT closing?

    I heard an interesting rumor recently. One of my neighbors said he went to Mustangs Unlimited in Manchester and that they will be closing. He also said he talked to the owner who told him Manchester would close first, then the Atlanta store would follow. The first big event of the year is the Shelby-American meet held at M/U on the last weekend of April. No word on where, or if, it will be held this year.

    M/U started back around 1974, so if the owner was in his twenties back then, he's probably nearing retirement age by now.

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    If true its a bummer. Been there a few times with my father picking up larger pieces for his 1985 mustang. What is really disappointing me is they not only catered to foxes but many generations of mustangs.

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    I was kind of wondering. I got a few emails recently about sales. I need a few things for my 67 and I could not find them on their web site. These were normal things like belt line weather strip and seat foam. I kind of thought it was the phone app at first. They have been around for a long time. I spent a lot of money with them in late 80's when I was restoring my 67 coupe.
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    Wild if true. Mustangs Unlimited in CT kind of "jumped the shark" by moving about ten years ago. They were in this kind of cramped location originally, but had all those cool car shows that New Englanders (and some New Yorkers) remember, starting in the 1980s. These extravaganzas took place every Spring & Fall! Very family-friendly events with grassy surfaces and shade trees, not to mention that popular seafood restaurant next door. Mustangs Unlimited moved a few miles down the road to this mega-huge place that wasn't at all inviting. Overhead was probably way higher too.
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    I thought they had already closed the doors. This info has been out for quite a few months / nearly a year.
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    Yep, sure looks that way. They have discounted whatever parts they have in stock. A real bummer. I bought a lot of parts from them back in the late 80s/Early 90s.
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    Atlanta closed a long time ago. Opening that store is probably what killed them.
    We found out it would slowly be shutting down when we were at the car show there last fall.
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