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    Default Svo power steering hose ??

    Will the 84 2.3 high pressure power steering hose work on the turbo motors? I canít find a high pressure one for a svo.
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    Part store , you would think can do a little cross reference and see.
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    Sheesh what is up with no ps pressure hoses listed for 1984 year Mustang?
    More than one major auto part site database has dropped the ball. Have all other years except 84.
    No matter.
    NAPA has listings.

    Doing searches, a 71180 pressure hose is a common one for all 80's Mustang models.
    I have that number hose on my car's 1983 year sport 2.25 lock to lock rack.
    Std racks, sport racks, 4-6-8 cyl, same hose used in many multi-year Ford apps.
    There are other interchange numbers, same hose. Quality vs price? Most have lifetime warranties.
    Pretty certain that is the one. SAE threads. The only other one listed has metric threads.
    Inlet 9/16-18, outlet 5/8-18, 45". There is no cooler for the pressure hose line.

    Find a store that stocks them. In stock allows same day test of fit, especially when the old hose is brought in to compare.
    Do not accept an open or greasy bag/box. Fresh only. Someone could have put another hose in there or stole the Teflon washers.

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