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    Default Dash Plaque FS on Ebay

    Looks to be an original unengraved 20th Anniversary dash plaque. I'm not an expert so if it's a repop or if there is something off about it please share your knowledge for all.

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    Did you buy one of these? I just bought one and there are a few red flags. First, the seller claimed: "As far as I know they are not reproduction plaques. My Uncle had them for a couple of years he had got them from a friend who worked at Ford. My Uncle is 74yrs and had ask me to get rid of alot of stuff that he had collected over the years".

    The sealed envelope is very new looking and the included instructions were printed with an inkjet printer (pretty sure post 80's). Either way, I'm mostly happy with the plaque. It does have nicks in the edges, but that is how it was also pictured. I'm curious if everyone else's that has bought these are the same.

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    I did not as I already have a dash plaque. TBH I'm not sure mine is original, I did buy both from another member on here I don't recall who anymore but like you I am happy with it. I didn't want to mount either due to fear of it getting swiped as there are a lot of thieves around here. Went out to the barn the other day and said the hell with it and mounted them both. Left in the garage it will get thrown away when the kids toss me in a home so I might as well get some enjoyment out of it.

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    hope to find one of those some day. mine was gone when I bought the car

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