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    Default 1986 or older Capri or Mustang with Fuel Injection

    As title states I am looking for a fuel injected Mustang or Capri with a 5.0 and manual. Any year build date 12/31/195 or older including 1986 model year. Willing to travel to pick it up if needed. Looking for a running driving car but does not need to be a show car.

    Location: SE Michigan, Detroit if a specific city is needed.

    Posted before but never found a Capri so opening to Mustangs.

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    PM Sent

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    Hello I have a 1986 capri 5.0 5 speed black over grey 135,000 actual I bought in 1988 with 32,000 straight drives I dont it has 2012 tags on it now $7000 if interested 816-694-5278

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