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    Five or Six times now, car is running fine and all of a sudden it dies like it is running out of fuel. Let it set a day and it fires back up. the last few times it did this I was able to check the fuel pressure, and it was ZERO, and the fuel pump is running ( I can hear it). And again the next day it starts up with 38 PSI. it does it so random. Should I just go ahead and drop the tank and replace the Fuel pump? The whole fuel system was replaced 3 years ago.
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    I would probably do simple things first such as new filter(s). Sounds silly, but trash in the fuel line could clog up at one time and then settle out so fuel flows again. Obviously you can test the pumps output, fuel pressure, etc. if you have the time, but I would look for something simple before you start replacing major parts, etc.

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    I would consider dropping the tank. It's not that hard if it's nearly empty. The early years of fuel injection had issues with the pump to sender hose falling apart. But that would cause the problem all the time.
    I had an 87 that I converted from 4 cylinder to 2.3 turbo, but left the original pump alone. It would run fine for awhile, but then it would strand me. Especially after turning it off. Turns out the sock was folded over itself with gunk in between and some how that was stopping fuel flow. Replaced the pump and sock and the car was perfect after that.
    And on a 95 Toyota pickup, 190k, my brother being it's only owner, the hose to the sending unit from the pump fell off. So the truck would run a bit and then lose too much fuel pressure and die. Why it fell off after 190k, who knows

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    TFI going bad? Mine did a similar thing. Would die then restart after a while and run - sometimes for days. Then out of nowhere it would quit again. Went through this several times before TFI was replaced.

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    Crimp off return line briefly and see if fuel pressure spikes way up.
    If it does, then regulator?
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