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    Default Wondering how much my 86 would be worth...

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    I'm always asked how much I want for my Four-eye. And I always tell them 10k and they'd laugh at it, i'd never want to sell it for sentimental reasons. But I'm wondering, how much would it be worth in your eyes?

    86 LX Notch
    3.8 CFI V6
    C4 3-speed
    around 140k miles on the body, 27k on the rebuilt engine and trans.
    Rust free body
    5 lug/disc brake conversion all around
    04 Cobra IRS swap with 4.10 gears
    Open header but have a sn95 Y-pipe waiting to be bolted in.

    1986 Mustang "Frankenstang" '03 IRS 3.8 CFI
    1997 Crown Victoria, partially Grand Marquis

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    I've been looking at a lot of cars lately all over the country and while yours is clean and the desirable 86 notch, the engine combo is really what will keep the value down. You gotta really love a v6 mustang to bring yourself to spend serious coin on one. Me personally, I'd say 4k because the body is nice, but the drivetrain does nothing for me. So do I buy a car like yours and spend money on the swap, or wait for a really nice V8 car to pop up and spend more on what I really want?

    I've learned very early on with car if you're sentimentality attached to them, that never equates well with actual value.

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    yeah I get that, I don't really think the car is worth that much. I just tell them that just because i probably won't ever sell it

    1986 Mustang "Frankenstang" '03 IRS 3.8 CFI
    1997 Crown Victoria, partially Grand Marquis

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