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    Default Scrapped Foureye Buck tag (Decode?)

    I'm not even sure the year, other than this was a 4 eye at one time. Here's the Buck tag, VIN was already gone. Name:  IMG_20190928_130610.jpg
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    MUSTANG = Mustang model line
    237559 = 137,559th 1986 Ford scheduled for production at Dearborn Assembly
    61B = Mustang 3-dr sedan (hatchback)
    M = SEFI H.O. 5.0L V8 engine
    TR = T-roof
    08__ = body & paint rotations #08__
    2A = Medium Canyon Red exterior paint color
    TT = Dark Charcoal lower tu-tone
    04 = YES rear defrost, YES rear wing
    RA = road abrasion coating (lower bodyside protection)
    HB = heated backlite (rear defrost)
    S = speed control (cruise control)
    GTC = GT Cobra model/trim level
    PW = power side windows (no power door locks)
    MBW = manual Borg Warner transmission (5-speed T-5)
    01 = no hood scoop
    -D = Canyon Red interior trim color
    EI = electronic injection (EFI)
    4 = T-roof door with power locks and/or power windows
    Axle Tag Decoder
    Buck Tag Decoder
    Door Tag Decoder
    Owner Card Decoder
    Transmission Tag Decoder
    VIN Decoder

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    Wanted (Dead or Alive): VINs, door tags, buck tags, build sheets, window stickers, owner cards, transmission tags, axle tags

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