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    Hi All,
    I just picked up a set of aftermarket springs an need to know
    which way the rear pigtails go up or down.

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    Pigtails are down, in contact with the rear lower arm. Tail should point to the left, across the width of the car when looking at the rear facing forward.
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    Pigtails are at the back of the car and both sides point to the driver side of the vehicle. Both springs are installed the same way.

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    Yeah, on second reading my description was not as clear as intended. The 'facing forward' was meant to apply to the observer, not the car. So in other words, 'stand behind the car and look at it'.
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    Thanks Guys,

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    FWIW, while Ford says point both pig tails in the same direction, you can fine tune ride height by moving the pig-tail around to different locations on the lower arm. For example if one side is slightly lower than the other moving the pigtail around to face the front on one side and the back on the other will change height on each side. There isn't much adjustment, but if you are looking for .25" moving the pig tail up or down on the arm will give some adjustment. I've also used a combo of isos (rubber and/or poly) to fine tune height both in the front and back.

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