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    Default under door seams

    anyone put U-channel across the body seams at the bottom of the door/body?
    Mine is newly painted but it is kinda wavy so it doesn't look so hot, I am thinking a 3/4 u channel going across it would look better
    anyone done this?

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    I assume you are talking about the pinch weld under the rocker panel where they meet the floor pan.

    I generally use a hammer and dolly to straighten the pinch weld before painting any cars. Since yours is painted you can use a towel and a crescent wrench to carefully straighten the pinch weld. A pair of body shop sheet metal flange vise grips works really well too if you happen to have a pair. If you take your time and work the metal carefully you can straighten it out pretty well without too much damage to the paint. If you do damage the paint you can always touch it up or even paint it black as that can help to make the pinch weld less noticeable. Good Luck!

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    Yes the pinch welds.
    They are straight, but still a bit wavy and show the imperfect lines that are noticeable, especially with nice paint on them
    so I was looking for a way to cover it up, without painting black.

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    Makers garage has pinch weld covers.
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    Has anyone tried those? Was thinking of getting some myself.

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    wow those look super cool very expensive but super cool I wonder how much the splitter will be

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    Wow those are cool and Made in Michigan. I'm surprised have not seen them at a show before or maybe just never noticed
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    That's a rust trap, covering them up.

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    I thought so too, but drilling a few drain holes in the bottom would help, and the cars that rarely see the rain it probably wouldn't be a problem

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