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    Default 86 Fuel Tank - loose baffle

    From what I can find out, it appears to be a common problem for the solder to break, which originally held the baffle in place at the fuel pump in the tank, and the recomended fix is to buy a new fuel tank.
    Should have researched this nine years ago when I replaced the pump and thought it odd to have loose metal inside the fuel tank.
    The car has been on the road, only, for the past 3 years, and it has got me to wondering,
    - Is the loose baffle considered dangerous?
    - Does it really matter?
    -What is likely to happen if I don't replace the tank?

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    Nothing. just don't run the tank real low and potentially starve the pump. It's just there to provide a bit of a well of fuel around the pump at all times, to aid supply and cooling.

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    Common problem. The noise of the baffle moving around may drive you nuts.

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    Many thanks, my wife will be pleased that I don't have to spend more money on the car.

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    If you track the car with the sump broken off of the bottom of the tank, the sump will bang against the fuel pump and eventually kill it. Ask me how I know.

    You will not be able to run the car lower than about 1/4 tank without having some degree of fuel starvation, during cornering, braking or acceleration.

    The most common cause of the solder breaking is from the fuel in the tank boiling. When this happens, the tank expands like a balloon and cracks the solder.
    Jack Hidley
    Maximum Motorsports Tech Support

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