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    I have a 79 4cyl to V8 swap notch. Gonna buy a 94-95 v8 manual for the drivetrain and put 95 cobra calipers and 5 lug rotors on. Question is what brake line kits do i use?

    i know to get the for the rear ...which front kit would i use?

    id like to do 95 cobra brakes all around including the booster and master cylinder and prop valve & prop valve for rear
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    Not too familiar with the LMR brake stuff, so bare with me. The rear kit appears to be what you need for most of the V8 rear brakes and possibly for the rear disc conversion from a SN95 Mustang, but it doesn't state anything in regards to which rear disc brakes it is for.The hard line from the junction under the hood, the correct fitting on the body to be on the driver side of the axle, and the flex hose from the axle to the body fitting are definitely needed. Just not 100% sure on the axle lines. You can do the same thing with an intermediate line from the stock location to the body fitting and then the correct axle rubber hose and probably save some $$ if you want. Then just use all the lines from the donor 95 axle as well as brakes and you will be good to go.

    The front lines you have linked to aren't really what you need/want if trying to use the 95 donor parts. If you need a booster, then you can swap over the 95 unit as well as the M/C, but often a good condition Fox booster will work just fine. Not sure the current condition of yours, but something to consider.

    If using the 95 M/C then this is what you need to connect to the stock Proportioning Valve.

    You also need to gut the stock prop valve and use this:

    Last you will need the adjustable proportioning valve here: and the easiest place to install it is in place of the union for the rear brake line on the passenger side near the hood hinge. The stock 79 rear brake line runs thru the body, but the later model V8 line will run under the floor pan on the passenger side and then cross over the driveshaft tunnel to the mounting location for the rear fitting next to the driver side upper control arm.

    Its been awhile since I have done this swap to my 79 PC, but I believe you also need this fitting for the passenger side front brake line to caliper hose.

    I am probably forgetting something else, but it's been a long day and that's all I can think of right now. Good Luck!

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    well i dont have nothing for brakes no booster ,mc, calipers or lines but my drivetrain will be from a 94-95
    79 Notchback 2.3 cyl to 347 & t-5 swap 65K
    90 Hatch 5.0 T5 Donor for 79
    67 Fastback full resto 289 + c4
    86 GT 5.0 5-Speed T-Top - Gone
    92 5.0 Auto Hatchback - Gone
    89 5.0 5-speed Notch - Gone

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    Just a note, when I was looking at parts a week or so ago, it was notably cheaper to buy the kits directly from Classic Tube rather than from LMR.
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    I would use the 1993 Cobra Mustang brake line kit as the base. It will avoid several problems.

    It's already setup for a two port m/c.

    It is setup for disc brakes on the axle assembly with the 8.8" style hose going down the left side of the diff.

    You will need to purchase.

    The LMR rear center brake line bracket.

    The parts to disable the stock proportioning valve and install an adjustable valve.

    I would use new front brake hoses. Then you won't have to use an adapter to connect one of them, they will be the correct length and your hoses will be new, not 25 years old. Use MMBK8F.

    Disassemble and completely clean out the stock proportioning valve in the car. Both ends. You can not use the proportioning valve from the SN95 Mustang.
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