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    Default 1986 ASCMclaren coupe for sale

    I am putting 105 up for sale, I've decided to go another direction with my interests and I need the garage space and the cash for a travel trailer. I've had the car for 12 or so years, and in that time I've put maybe 1k miles on it. Its hard to say as it has a different speedo in it now and the cable is broken anyway.

    The good

    I has a brand new rebuilt 306 from Creb engineering (you can find them on ebay) It has gt40p heads, gt40p shorty headers, explorer intake, 65mm TB, 70mm mass air meter, mass air conversion, 24# injectors, 3 core aluminum radiator. Engine runs great, but I haven't had the opportunity to drive it. I had a chip made for the original motor, but I had ported e7 heads, same intake, and stock cam and with the new engine having a trick flow stage 1 cam, ported gt40p heads and headers the tune doesn't know what to do and I cant get the timing quite right. The brakes are new, tires have almost 0 miles on them. I have the correct stripe kit, its suppose to be the charcoal grey with black stripes. I also have the side skirt and front spoiler, but both sides of the front air dam are broken. Being in Las Vegas for the last 5 years and the California Central Valley for 5 before that it is virtually rust free, and no cancer. The suspension looks like it was removed at some point and painted, and before I got it the whole thing had been on a rotisserie. I have a ton of the documentation for it, I'll get it out this weekend and post what I have. I also have a rear bumper cover that can go with the car.

    The bad.

    There isn't much that is bad, the car is originally from Indiana so there is SOME rust, but not much, the whole car was taken apart and painted. The rear ground effects broke when it was driven off the truck that brought it to me when I bought it, but there are no tailpipes past the mufflers anyway. While the tires have almost 0 miles on them they are a decade old, and not dry rotted, but they have flat spots from sitting for so long. The paint, while a really good paint job, has started bubbling along the door and fender creases. The paint also has quite a few scratches on it from being in a garage with kids running past it. A professional might be able to save the paint, its a nice paint job, just beat up, and its started to bubble in the creases just above the body moulding. Neither window motor works all the time, they seem a little weak, but currently they are working. They work sometimes, I'm sure they just need replacing. The fuel pump could probably be replaces as well. The one in the car works just fine, but I'm not sure the factory pump is up to demands of the new motor.

    I'm asking $9500, which is maybe to much, like most people I think highly of my car. I cant prove it but the original odometer had 46k miles and the condition of the original motor and the rest of the car makes me think its true. It sat for 10 years before I bought it in 2004 and I've had it garaged most of the time, save for a brief stint in a friends yard in California. The dash has the usual cracks in it and most of the plastic trim, ie window bezel and lock bezels, but the seats are in great shape. I can get more pics if you request them, but right now I'm using the car to hide things I dont want in my garage lol.

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    Location (city and state) required

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    Sorry, car is located in Las Vegas NV

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    Do you have the build date from the door jam sticker?

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    I do, it doesnt photo well, and hard to read. It 86 sometime, I want to say june. It's not an 85 build if that's what you're looking for

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