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    Default Front blinkers not working, rears do work

    My back blinkers work but not my fronts, actually just noticed it
    We replaced the sockets during the build, and never put the bulbs in so yesterday I put the bulbs in and they still didn't work
    Imagine how annoyed I was. they don't light up either.

    I did the wire tuck with this, so most of the wiring is hidden in fender.
    anyway to check under/inside the car before I pull the fender off?


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    There is only 1 flasher for the turn signals. Check your ground wire up by the headlights.
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    Still haven't figured it out

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    Well, there is the obvious question of whether the bulbs are good. Assuming that they are, there is a separate flasher for the hazards. I don't think that would be an issue if the rear flashers are working. The most likely issue is the sockets since those were replaced.
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    bulbs and pigtails are brand new.
    I am also assuming I wired them correctly, which I haven't double checked.

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    Since you replaced the sockets, and now they don't work, do the math. Check your work.

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    Check for power/grounds/continuity thru the harness, at both ends of wire, in the sockets, and ground connections at the rad support.
    I have solved similar that way in combination, strangely, with the console graphic warning LED panel.
    A test light probe, a known good spare bulb pigtail, and/or a digital multi meter are needed for testing. Analog meters will work.
    A probe, pieces of wire with inline fuses, can be used as temp power or ground jumper circuit/harness to bypass main harness for testing.
    Isolate/bypass sections of suspect installed harness, verify issue, then correct it.

    If not blowing fuses (wire short), then its prob a connection that's not right. Or a missing connection. It happens.

    Found missing, incorrect grounds, or connector ends, splices, can also make circuits do weird things.

    Sometimes reversing new work or new added work itself can change things.
    One change or step at a time usually works to reveal, pinpoint, or observe a desired or not result.
    Recorded notes of progress helps save time and errors. So does a circuit diagram from a book or handwritten.

    Prob not related to the problem, but the flasher units have to be the correct part number.
    My Ranger's flasher (different part number) plugs into the Mustang panel, but does not operate the turn signals correctly.

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    okay, apparently it is possible to put the lights in backwards with the lmr sockets, I took them out and tested the connection and everything worked. Put the lights back in and nothing. turned them and they worked.

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