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    Default Need help please 85 mustang gt

    Wassup and hello to all, I'm new here to the site and forums hoping i can get some help bringing Daphne(the car) back to life. What i have here is a genuine 1985 ford Mustang GT yes yes a G.. T. Ok done with the word play, it's carbed with a stock 4180c Which is what I'm currently having an brain cramp with.

    I need help with the routing of vacuum lines I'm putting a smog delete on because the heads i have weren't drilled for thermactor holes and i installed them and don't want to take them back off and i already took most the stuff apart. I removed the smog hose and pump, but forgot which lines went to it as well as how to reinstall the hoses on my carb and spacer.

    I need to know what to cap off and what goes where this is my first time doing a rebuild and i started forgetting how to put it back together, its an excuse, but i didnt think id have it taken apart so long. I learn quick but memory sure as **** is shot already at a young age. I have pics of what im looking at but cant find what i need ononline or in my haynes manual. The throttle linkage to...

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