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    Default 1986 GT Dash Turn signal indicators not lighting

    I am original owner of 1986 Mustang GT hatchback. Speedo cable was loud, and dash turn signal indicators were dark. Removed dash cluster to replace speedo cable & all bulbs since I was there. Speedo working well now but original cable to cluster clip broke concerned it may come loose. I replaced all bulbs with LED's from AM. Red dash illumination works but TS Indicators still dark. Exterior signals work fine & I can hear turn signal blinking when activated. Signals don't cancel like it used to either but think that is multi function switch. Printed circuit board looked great with only 89,000 miles. LED's I read are not index specific when installing. What gives? Any help greatly appreciated.

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    If I recall correctly, the turn signal indicators are part of the gauge cluster. If any light doesn't work on the cluster and the bulb is good then possibly a connection is bad or the little sockets are shot. I had to replaced most of mine a few years ago when I also replaced the speedometer cable. The large connectors for the entire printed circuit board are tough to remove without breaking so that might be a problem area to look at. Not much room to work back there either.

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