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    Default 86 GT Convertible silver/gray

    I'm a new member to the site and a former owner of an '86 GT convertible (many years ago). I'd now like to own an '86 GT convertible again. Hoping to find a clean and driveable car with original wheels and as close as possible to stock condition. First color preference is silver/gray with gray interior but I'll consider other colors.


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    There was both a silver and a grey paint available.

    (1E) Silver Metallic
    (1D) Dark Grey Metallic
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    Thanks FoxChassis for the clarification. Silver Metallic (1E) would be my first choice. Gray (1D) second choice.

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    Texas Aggie, just came across this ad in Dallas Craigslist... It is not Silver, but it is an 86 convertible and looks in very good shape... and its in Texas...

    I am an Aggie as well.... went to Grad School at A&M many years ago...

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    Class of 89
    1985 GT owned since new

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    @blueandsliver Gig 'em!! Thanks for the heads up on the Dallas area 86 GT! I did see that car you mentioned on Craigslist but really hoping to find one in Silver. Patiently searching.

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    Gig 'em @swearint! Class of 91. I drove my silver '86 GT on the streets of College Station from 88-91. Hoping to find one again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texasaggie91 View Post
    Gig 'em @swearint! Class of 91. I drove my silver '86 GT on the streets of College Station from 88-91. Hoping to find one again.
    Ditto with my white 85 GT. Many long walks to my dorm after having to park out in the Kyle stadium lot.
    1985 GT owned since new

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    I have a Black 86 Convertible for sale on this site if you would be interested.

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    Gig'em Aggies! Was supposed to be Class of '91, but . . . That's a long story that probably should only be told at the Dixie Chick over a couple of beers!

    Back then I was tearing up the streets of Bryan/College Station in my 1984 Black Trans Am! Hated having to park my T/A all the way out in the Freshman lot and walk back to my dorm room.

    Good Luck with the search for your 86 Convertible. I will keep an eye out for one.

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