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    Default Garage Cleanup - 2.3 Turbo and 5.0 misc. Items

    So I did some garage cleaning over the holiday weekend and have some stuff I thought someone on here might be interested in. All items are located in Charlotte, NC. Freight is additional to the prices listed. I will also be attending Foxtoberfest next month and will be glad to bring any item shown for no additional charge BUT payment must be received In advance. So to be clear, you pay now and I will hold the item until October 19th. I will not “hold” anything under the assumption that you will pay for it at Foxtoberfest.

    I have a NEW, unused, never installed Wells IAC motor for a 1984 GT Turbo (and SVO I suspect). I suspect this fits many, many other Fords, Thunderbirds, Rangers…who knows? That is why I have included the part numbers and shown the connector. $35

    A NEW, unused, never installed USA made BOSCH oxygen sensor also for a 1984 GT Turbo (and SVO probably at least). I suspect this fits many other Fords which is why I included pictures of the connectors etc. $23

    A used but working Craftsman 9 inch buffer. I don’t really want anything much for it, I just never use it anymore and hope someone else will. $5

    Brand new, never installed T Top weather stripping for 1981-1988 Mustangs. They still have a price of $28 EACH on them, which is what I paid. $40 for BOTH. There is a left and right side weatherstrip.

    NEW, never installed Ford Racing blue spark plug wires. $35

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    PM sent your way.

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    Plug wires and weatherstripping are sold. Everything else is still available.

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    Parts received. Thank you, Sir!

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    Glad you got them! The rest is still available. I can deliver for free to Foxtoberfest if you want.

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    Just another friendly bump. Have a nice day!

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