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    Default Fuse #6 on the fuse block not working

    I have a 1992 mustang GT 5.0 manual transmission I just bought and I noticed the rear trunk release button in the glove box wasn't working so I found out it's not getting power I checked the fuse and even put a new one in still nothing and the guy said the air conditioning didn't work either I bought the car from so I find out that doesn't have any power so I look up on the internet and fuse number 6 controls the air conditioning, trunk button in glove box, and the rear window defroster none of them work the guy before me had an alarm system I disconnected that everything works on the car that should I connected the wires back that need to be and there was even a couple big plugs behind the radio on the wiring harness that weren't plugged in I plug them in still nothing there's one plug I can't figure out where it goes behind the radio maybe it's for a car with different options not sure but I plugged all those in and still nothing.

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    When you say the fuse doesn't work, are you saying you tested both side of the fuse slot with a meter and there's no power there?
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