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    Default Has anyone seen this wild Capri? RETROFOX by SINIS Built - 1983 Mercury Capri

    Saw this a few days ago and thought to share out of general interest. I don't think I've seen it posted on FEP yet

    Between Late Model Restoration's "Project Mercury Rising" retro-mod 1986 ASC McLaren Capri and cars like this one - it looks like "Capri" is starting to get recognition & a bit more popular whether you agree with what they're doing to them or not (resto-mod vs restoration etc)

    It's a kind of slick albeit custom black & orange 1983 Mercury Capri

    I see he cloned some of the "Laser" stripes from the 1980's Ford/Mercury/Motorcraft SCCA race cars - and particularly from the 1985 Mercury Capri Motorsport Grand Prix IV cars

    I put a couple photos below and also a couple of links. And you can websearch "RETROFOX" and "SINIS Built" (aka "Tom Clark") to see ongoing photos etc on the reveal and/or build etc - I see he's mainly on Facebook & Instagram. Evidently this guy & his shop does custom car work and I see LMR did a video on his heavily modded 1979 Mustang Pace Car too

    sinisbuilt - Sinis Built by Tom Clark

    SINIS Built

    SINIS Built Mustang: 79 Pace Car (LMR)

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    I don't think Tom would call his home garage a "shop" necessarily (like a true commercial entity), but he does some great work. I follow him on Instagram and saw it when he started showing the build concept. He has an account on FEP, but I don't think he's very active anymore. It's a build for his wife and being done before Mustang Week last I saw. It should be nice, although the white interior would be hard for me to keep clean.

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    Ah yes I see now FEP member 69clark - Looking at the "before" photos of this Capri - the car did in fact look pretty nice before he even started. I loved the black exterior & white interior - I think that looked amazing.

    Wow what a car for the wife (and probably for that little dog of hers too lol)

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    It looks freakin KILLER! What I like is the fact that it still looks like an 1983 Capri!

    Top notch work as usual!

    1984 RS 347 Capri, To many car parts to list, check out my car build page here for the story on my car and a full parts list/setup!:

    My RS in Action

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    thanks for sharing. Looks like a nice car.

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