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    Default Efi wiring splicing

    Hey guys. Been looking around multiple forums trying to figure out how to wire in a 88 gt harness into my stock 84 gt dash/cluster. In other words, I'm doing an efi swap into my 84 gt. Don't really want to spend money on doing so since I might be selling my 84 gt. I have both complete vehicles and everything seems pretty straight forward except the dash wiring without using an 86 efi harness. Thanks guys.

    Btw I just noticed that I posted this in the wrong section. Sorry.

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    Yea, the 86 harness is absolutely the best and easiest way to accomplish this.

    have some harness stuff around at this point but I hate to part with any of it since my 86 has not went under the knife on its 1/2 million mile restoration yet.

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    I understand that it'll be easier that way, but if I can,know what exactly I got to splice together, then that would be best. I'm not afraid of messing with wires and what not. I would rather just do this without spending a dime
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