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    Default Where is everyone?

    I haven't been on the Mustang forums in awhile. Just the other day, I fixed a broken wire on my long dormant Mustang and started thinking about working on it again. I logged into the forum here, over on Corral, etc, and everything seems dead as far as Fox body topics. Where did everyone go? Is there a new social media that's getting all the Fox body attention, that I don't know about? Did 79-93 Mustangs just flat line while I was distracted?

    I'm doing my best to avoid patching rust holes that I've been avoiding for at least a decade. It's nothing too serious, just some rust in the front outer corners of the floor pans, a hole in the trunk pan under where the trunk/quarter panel seam was leaking, and rusty rockers. The structural parts of the subframe are all solid, strut towers are solid, no rust in the door jams or pillars. Just hard to even get excited about working on the car, especially when a person can't even find any build threads covering similar kinds of body work. Aside from a couple videos on youtube showing people doing half or full floor pans, I haven't found anything lately.

    And just because... That broken wire terminal, and a bit of the rust hole in the out-of-focus background.

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    You were able to log on to The Corral? That's impressive. I haven't been able to do that in years. It tells me my password is wrong, I reset it, still wrong somehow. At least it's still up, sort of.

    FEP has plenty of action for me. I remember back in the mid aughts, there was so dang much going on on places like Stangnet, I had to back off and find something local so I could keep up!

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    I've been wondering this too. The site underwent a big overhaul around ~2012 and we lost a TON of FEP-ers. Another time was when FEP was made available on FB. Again, people dropped like flies. Personally, I only use FB for non-car stuff. I know a bunch of others who would NEVER go on FEP FB, they just don't care for it.

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    I'm on here every day lol! It does get pretty quiet at times, but then it's pretty active sometimes, as well. I tend to click on the "new posts" link but I'm not 100% sure it works that well, as I seem to miss a lot of posts.
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    fb has a LOT of fox pages. But most seem to be a free-for-all. can't even ask a question without starting a dogpile.

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    I ran into a few forums I couldn't log in, but eventually I guessed the right passwords.

    Yeah, I know what you mean about Facebook. I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. I generally keep my online identity and offline identity separate. From what I've followed of any car enthusiast groups on Facebook gives me the impression that it's the youtube comment section crowd. I cancelled out of most groups and choose not to participate with the 'idiocracy', but I guess I'm missing out.

    Just seems like 10 years ago there was a lot more going on all the forums. Suppose if I don't like it I just need to post about what I'm working on and see if anyone joins in...
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    I'm here everyday. But a lot of times I'm just reading. Have not done much work on the 85 or my other 2 Mustang's. All my tools and spare parts are in a friends garage. Hate living in an apartment. Not on FB at all, this is the only Mustang forum I'm active.

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    I talk to people on facebook sites, but this is the original to me so I think I know more people here...... its more of a family too
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    Im back here. After having my Prince Albert Hurt by Overhead Toyota loving w@nkers and morons.

    I additionally Got rid of my Variable Valve Timing 24 valve DOHC AWD auto Nissan.

    The in line six was a gas wasting pile, the body and chassis made of iron oxide. NEVER AGAIN....

    Fixed my wifes twin cam 3SGE RAV4 Pos.

    Ford Wiring is okay, better than having to pull all the ECM and injector wiring in an engine bay with no space. TOYOTA CAN ROT IN HADES.

    I'll fill out a 17 item 'BurtHurt report in response.

    here...edited to be androgynus and free of w@nk words.

    Last dead beat Toy I'll ever touch. If anyone knows more about the evils of Toyotas 17 specific tool engineering, it's me.

    I would truly rather work on a Lamborghini Urraco than a Toyota ever again.

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    I left Facebook a few weeks ago after getting tired of all the BS. I was in 3 or 4 of the Fox groups and one was particularly bad about asking the same 7 questions over and over because no one would search and people loved to attack me over the graphics on my car. I find the forums more of an archive than a time waster like Facebook. Facebook is quick, you can get answers within minutes, and a lot of the time the answers are wrong. I find those that stick around the forums to be more knowledgeable.

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    Face What?
    Don't touch the stuff, just look at what my brother-in-law
    sends my son about his dogs and cat.
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    I'm on here quite a bit reading and posting topics to get help with restoring my 84. I find though that it takes awhile for people to respond and it seems to be the same ones. Not a bad thing just something I noticed. I'm part of pretty much every foxbody group on Facebook but I never post. Just read and try to learn as much as possible. This is my go to site though.
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    Itís summer so Iím busy driving my car and itís running great so I donít have time to post and donít have any questions.

    Once winter comes and Iím in the garage tearing the car apart again Iíll have more to contribute.

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