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    Default Dual action fuel pump vacuum

    This is my first time using a forum to get information. I have browsed as a visiter on this site and have received good and valuable advice. I have a situation I can't seem to find the answer for. My 61 Ford Falcon has original body, floor pans, and interior with updated 6 cylinder drive train. It came with a 1965 ford 200 with ford-o-matic transmission and a 7.5" rear end with 455 gear. Replaced with 1983 200, C5 transmission and 74 Maverick 8" rear end with 297 gear. The car is equipped with vacuum wipers (my problem). Will the dual action fuel pump from the 65 work on the 83 200.
    Thanks for listening.
    61 Falcon

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    Yes, but its a very bad idea because its Load-a-matic Spark Control Valve operated, and that only suits early engines.

    Ford sixes used the SB Chevy and AMC I6/V8 fuel pump bolt patern, so you can add the SCV vaccum part.
    Quote Originally Posted by GREGGER ROD & CUSTOM, OCT 20, 2011
    When Cadillac made that awful 'econo car baby Caddie' back in the 80's (Cimmarron) the little engine didn't produce enough vacuum to run the power brake booster... so they added an electric vacuum pump. Grab one from a wrecked cad and install it to run the wipers. When it rains, turn on the pump and the wipers. Kinda like electric wipers... with all the charm of the vac originals. It's also an easy install.
    Quote Originally Posted by KERRYNZL, NOV 12, 2011
    Install an alternator with a vacuum pump from a jap diesel [you'll need to plumb in some oil lines ]
    all the vacuum issues going up long steep grades will be gone, plus your brakes will work awesome as well.

    Added bonus is the charging system will also work good [ they are internally regulated ]

    "3 fixes for the price of 1"
    Using a combined GM ~Isuzu 130 amp alternator/ vac can use a two in one system if you can find the right part.

    1993-1997 Isuzu NPR LT180 502 5.3/5.7 Liter In line six Truck

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