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    Default Custom Frame Rails installed 86GT

    Finally... I have completed the installation of the custom frame rails. (See Attached). The old adage, "measure twice cut once" is the driving logic behind accomplishing this task. What I mean from what you can go back and look at my original post and see the mock up and oh around ten times marking and grinding/blending in every contour until I had near zero gap. Take the time to do this and they fit every contour of the Fox uni-body. I am not very practiced at MIG welding, but if you "push" the weld from the thicker frame rail up to the very damn thin floor you can do it without blowing through the floor. Yes,I blew through the floor 3 times. Mostly due to note verify my Mig 135 settings. ( B and 5.4 on wire feed.)

    I "tried Eastwoods" weld through Primer and damn near grabbed a gun! The logic that it will reduce spatter if you weld through it goes against all logic of a well prepped bare metal clean surface. I stripped it off back to bare metal, acid tone cleaned the matting surfaces and was able to weld with no issue. The technique to welding thick to thin metal is simple but must be obeyed explicitly. Start your "lava" weld bead on the thicker frame rail and just push it up until it touches the thin floor. more of a saw blade up and down motion; definitely not the traditional bead laying. You must keep the heat on the thick metal and "push" the lava up to the floor.

    I bought SEM Gray cocking tube of Auto seam sealer. It was easy to use,(like around the bath tube!), no odor and I went from using an acid brush for the factory brush effect to just using my finger to smooth out the bead. Yes, Seam sealer will make your welds look good..."no comment" I hit the rails/flooe with primer to protect until I brush paint the entire undercarriage with this super hard gloss frame rail paint i have. The photos are of the 86GT up on my homemade dolly. I got the car about 3 feet up in the air. Name:  frame rail 1.JPG
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    It looks good.

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    Thank you They only are about an inch and a half lower than the factory frame ends.

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    Awesome. Nice work.
    1985 GT- “Stock-ish” 5.0 motor, AOD/ trans brake. 12.68 @ 10131mph.

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