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    New member / New Owner - My father passed away this spring and left me his pride and joy - 83 Mustang GT convertible. Our believe is it actually started life not as a GT convertible but he's added all the bits and baubles to make it one over the years. It's currently at the mechanic having the torque boxes worked on as well as the rear floors. He loved this car and spent a lot of blood, sweat, and tears keeping it nice and showing it at car shows for years. He's owned a mustang as long as they've existed, going back to 1964. He worked at a Ford dealer and bought the first one off the delivery truck. It had been ordered by a customer and came with the wrong color interior. The customer said they were refusing delivery, so he bought it then and there. First one in the Merrimack Valley he claims. Once the car is out of surgery I'll be out cruising with my family. This is not my first classic car, or my first Ford for that matter, but it's my first Mustang.

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    Codes on the door tag and or buck tag will tell you if it's a GLX 5.0L convertible or GT convertible. Of course if it's not a 5.0L or the last six of the VIN are lower than 196407 it's not a GT convertible.
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    Thanks! I'll check it out when I finally get it home. I'm about 95% sure it's a GLX. I know for a fact he added the hood bulge the last time we painted it. I do have a set of the old metric TRX rims he dug out of a junkyard. Not sure what to do with those. I'm certainly not paying for the rubber they need! I'm running the 10 hole on it now and they look pretty good.

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    Hello welcome, looks alot like mine! Name:  IMG_1772.jpg
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    That does look familiar ;-)

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    Welcome to FEP. Sorry for your lose this past Spring. Its a good looking car, have fun with it. I'm sure your Dad will be smiling down knowing your taking care of his Pony...

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