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    Default 1983 Mustang: drivers footwell wiring identification

    The story first: 1983 mustang, originally a V6 auto car. Currently 302 and a 5 speed. Original dash and harness were swapped out with a donor 1983 GT 5 speed dash. The rest is stock 83 wiring that came with the car.

    The question is a brown 6 pin plug in the drivers footwell:

    Looking at the wiring diagrams, it seems it's c-807, the only brown 6 pin plug listed on the lh side of the dash.

    Now, there is a male brown connector in both the old and new 83 dash harness. The problem is that while it is in the LH side of the dash, it's held far up inside the dash on a metal clip and the pins look like they've never had anything plugged in. While I can get it to fit, I have to detach the connector up int he dash and the lower connector wires are just not wanting to follow the bend needed to get the other end up into the dash area. The other problem is the wiring colors do not match up AT ALL between the two connectors and the inner dash harness only has 5 wires and the lower has 6. When you look at the wiring diagrams, the wire colors are consistent on either side of the c-807 connector.

    The stickied wire harness downloads were OK, but not enough detail about the connector. I've ordered an 83 EVTM and an original 83 wiring diagram (needed them anyways) , but now it will be a couple weeks before I get them. Hopefully someone can answer here before then.

    So, what am I missing something here? I don't recall another chassis harness to the back nor does it seem the only matching male connector goes with the "mystery connector".

    A pic would be great if someone has one.
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    3 days, 75 views and no-one knows what it is?

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    Where are you getting the Connector C-807 id from?

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    So after pouring over the wiring pdf downloads for several hours, it appears to be c-501. Onnector format and wire color/positions are a match.

    c501 seems to feed the lighting info to the message center. Since my 83 orginally did not have a center console, this would seem to explain why there’s no connector in the body wiring harness. The harness is likely part of the “resistor wire” network that triggers the leds in the message center.

    So, no biggie. For now, I can just leave it unhooked and work on getting the message center working properly at a later date.

    On another positive note, after dropping the 89 HO/5 speed in about 3 years ago I finally got it to the point where I could fire it up today. Fuel system isn’t plumbed. So I just filled the float bowls. Cooling system still isn’t installed, so I only ran it long enough (under 60 secs) to get a feel for the engine condition. Brake system still isn’t plumbed, so didn't try to move the car. But it fired right up! No strange or bad noises, no black or blue exhaust. Engine just rumbled over steady and smooth.

    Good day overall!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrecisionTrans View Post
    Where are you getting the Connector C-807 id from?
    Wiring diagram.

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