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    Default wiper switch question

    My wiper motor works when I test it on a battery, but it won't turn on from inside the car. I do hear a click from the dash panel if that helps
    I couldn't find a replacement fuse for the mustang but no one had one. not sure if that could be it or not
    Any suggestions would be great.



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    or is it a circuit breaker?
    I did remove the washer pump and reservoir, but I didn't think they were directly connected or dependent on each other.
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    First question are your wipers interval or just standard 2 or 3 speed? The standard wipers go from the wiper switch directly to the wiper motor. The Interval wipers go thru a module under the steering column that can vary the speed of the wipers.

    Obviously you need to verify that you are getting power to the switch and that switch is sending power to the wipers. Often I find that the wiper motor is not grounded well thru the single ground wire that attaches to one of the mounting screws and that is the issue as to why the motor will not work or work sporadically.

    The washer pump and reservoir should have no effect on the operation of the wiper motor itself. Good Luck!

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    It is a delay wiper, and I noticed the ground was rusty so I cleaned it up, I just haven't put it back on yet to try.

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    When cleaning the wiper motor ground eyelet on my Ranger, reassembled it wrong.
    The rubber motor mounts prevented the eyelet from grounding properly to the motor housing.
    Think there was a washer or something that needed to be put under the eyelet first.
    Or the other way around.
    Anyway, motor would not work without a nice tight ground.

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    Ground was the issue now it works great
    now only 99 more things to finish up

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