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    Default Front Passenger Rim Hotter Than The Rest

    Got back from a drive and decided to check tire pressure.
    I noticed the front passenger rim was way hotter than the rest of the rims.
    I could hold my hand on it but barely, any idea at what the issue might be?
    Wheel bearing, seized caliper?
    I have always had a bit of a clunk on that side as well when hitting cracks in the road, even after redoing all the struts, bushings, tie rods and ball joints.
    Could they be related?

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    Possibly the brakes are dragging on that side.

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    Sounds like a wheel bearing or brake rotor is loose in some way if you have a clunk. Can you pull on the top of the tire and feel any movement or hear a clunk? If so wheel bearings would be my guess since you replaced all the other wearable parts. The heat likely comes from the rotor rubbing the pads. If there is lots more brake dust on that wheel than the other side it's a sign the pads are rubbing on that side.

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    Wheel bearings too tight or you have a brake dragging. The dragging break may be a bad rubber hose. They can swell on the inside keep the fluid from returning to the master cylinder. Which causes the brake to stay engaged.

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    Just watched a caliper rebuild youtube vid on a Fairmont (ThatCarGuy) where the wheel didn't want to turn. Stuck piston due to worn internal seal and corroded rough piston surfaces. He did a temporary rebuild to fix it. That could be your problem as well.

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    I jacked it up and wiggled the front tire, definitely some slop in it. I tightened up the wheel bearing nut a about a 1/4 turn and took up some of the play.
    A little clunk still there, but it made a big difference. One front rim still hotter than the other.
    When I free spin the tires the hotter one is dragging a bit.
    Time to take it to my mechanic.


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    Just replace the caliper - then you're good to go.
    you'll probably also notice excessive brake dust on the "hot" rim.

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    I strongly advise inspecting the wheel bearings and races. If there is any damage to the bearing replace it. Look for signs of severe heat at the inside of the bearing carrier as sometimes the whole thing spins instead of just the bearings.

    If the races are bad, its usually cheaper to replace the rotor than it is to pay someone with a press to replace the races I've found.

    Make sure you pack the bearings well with a good high temp disc brake grease.

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    I'm with the brake hose too, been fooled by that before. Jack it up have someone hit the brakes and make sure they release equally. Or, just put hoses on it, especially if they're old. I also dont disagree with james.

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    I finally got the car into the shop. The brake caliper bushings were completely disintegrated on the passenger side allowing the caliper to flop around.
    All fixed and driving smooth, clunk over bumps is gone too.

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