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    Nice job! Looks great from here! Welcome to the site!

    Care to share some details about it?
    '85 GT

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    Ok hereís the list ........... (FMS = Ford Motorsports)
    5.0 roller block 30 over
    FMS 1:6 roller rockers
    FMS B303 cam
    Edelebrock RPM air gap intake
    Demon carb..... Nickerson tuned
    Full Dyno tune and set up
    MSD distributer
    MSD 6 AL ignition
    Custom fit Taylor ignition wires
    120 MPH calibrated police speedometer
    Show chromed shifter T handle
    Mighty mite full rollerized C-4 Trans ( Dynamic racing )
    Performance automatic 11Ē 2800 stall torque converter
    SFI - Approved bellhousing for 164 tooth flex plate
    B&M Trans cooler
    4 inch aluminum drive shaft
    8.8 rear with FMS locker
    4.10 gears
    Moser 31 spline axels
    Granatelli motorsports 8.8 aluminum cover
    Maximum motor sports lower rear control arms
    Steeda adjustable upper rear control arms
    Quad shock brackets installed with KYB shocks
    FMS double hump cross member with poly bushings
    Polyurethane motor and trans mounts
    FMS shorty headers
    Full dual exhaust with H pipe
    Flow master 2 chamber mufflers
    Maximum motorsports strut tower brace
    Sub frame connectors welded in
    Flaming river steering shaft eliminating rag joint
    FMS 16 to 1 power rack and pinion
    FMS lower front control arms with low friction ball joints
    FMS bumpsteer tie rod ends
    Maximum motor sports castor camber plates
    SVO aluminum big bore master cylinder
    FMS chrome master cylinder cover
    11 inch front brakes (87 to 93 Mustang spindles)
    SVO 73 mm calipers
    Steeda stainless caliper bushings
    Drilled and slotted rotors
    FMS M2300 rear disk brake kit
    Custom made stainless E brake cables
    Russell stainless brake hoses
    Hawk ceramic brake pads
    FMS aluminum radiator
    15Ē Aluminum wheels to clear big brakes
    Auto meter pillar pod (mustang heated and molded to fit fairmont)
    VDO oil and temp gauges
    VDO tachometer
    PA performance one wire HO alternator
    NOS swivel map and dome light with bracket
    NOS Ford marchal fog lights with oem switch
    Both aluminum anodized bumpers stripped and show chromed
    Chromed plastic inside of tail lights and front turn indicators and reverse lights
    SVO Nos chrome air cleaner lid stripped and show chromed
    K&N air filter
    FMS aluminum valve covers
    New fuel tank,inside coated,new fill tube and sending unit
    All glass replaced with new
    Restored real leather wrapped steering wheel
    Custom aluminum turned dash inserts to replace vinyl
    Brake lights,turn signals and marker lights upgraded to sylvania LED
    Alpine Audio CD with Boston acoustics speakers
    Tons of new old stock parts from EBay been buying since 2001
    Soon to be installed real leather wrapped wheel
    Iím sure I forgot something

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    Waiting to get fixed after someone backed into it a few weeks ago

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    Hey, GORGEOUS car!! Your restoration has been done for a while, right? Your car is actually the background on my computer!

    I have a '79 Zephyr ES so I'm always happy to see another one.

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    I finished it in 2002 and it sat till a year ago as kids were busy with sports
    which picture do you have I’m curious as to where it was taken

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    Beautiful, I'm jealous

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrgInalESrestored View Post
    I finished it in 2002 and it sat till a year ago as kids were busy with sports
    which picture do you have I’m curious as to where it was taken
    It's the photo you use in your avatar. It's been a while now, but I think what happened was, you posted on facebook, and then someone shared it in the Fairmont group I'm in. I can't remember if you ended up joining. it's "FORD Fairmont and Mercury Zephyrs 78-83". There's a few other ESs there besides mine. Most of them are beige I think. It's certainly rare to see a bright red one! I seem to recall seeing your Marti report too, and being surprised it came with full blackout trim as a factory option too. I didn't know they did that! I consider myself the keeper of the ES knowledge since so little is known about them. You might enjoy this:

    Since you bought yours during the original model run, you probably know more than I do! You can check my facts!

    '79 Mercury Zephyr ES 5.0L GT40 EFI, T-5
    '17 Ford Transit Connect Titanium LWB
    '14 Ford Fusion SE Manual

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    Great facts and thanks for the link. Glad to see your the keeper of the E.S.
    I would like to talk to you some time and compare some notes
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    Here’s some more fresh from the paint boothName:  C35ED51C-350D-42B8-9E22-52DD0B6DF0AB.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrgInalESrestored View Post
    Great facts and thanks for the link. Glad to see your the keeper of the E.S.
    I would like to talk to you some time and compare some notes
    Sounds great! Glad to see yours is coming out of hibernation!

    '79 Mercury Zephyr ES 5.0L GT40 EFI, T-5
    '17 Ford Transit Connect Titanium LWB
    '14 Ford Fusion SE Manual

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    Name:  1DAA7484-AE1C-41F5-AAC7-D7C75C71568B.jpg
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Size:  66.3 KBWell just waiting for the sanding to begin and it wonít be long till the ES comes back home with new fender and paint it was really nice before but should be nicer now.......... Canít wait!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrgInalESrestored View Post
    Ok here’s the list
    5.0 roller block 30 over w/FMS B303 cam
    I’m sure I forgot something

    Thank you for sharing your car and list of equipment & mods. I am really curious as to what gauge pods you are using on the A pillar (driver side)? Are the A pillars in Faimonts/Zephyrs the same as Mustangs (and thus the pods originally marketed for Mustangs)?

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    Welcome to the site!

    Your car looked great before and will again! It really has a great curb appeal to me!

    Surprised you never went to a manual though - mind you I have two automatics currently and a "Mighty mite full rollerized C-4 Trans" sounds pretty wicked to have even though I am not sure what it really is.

    I have a question about the steering wheel. The original wheel looks pretty nice still from the picture. Is the new one a re-leathered one or actually new?

    Quote Originally Posted by OrgInalESrestored View Post
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    New wheel going on soon
    Quote Originally Posted by Travis T View Post
    I think this is my favorite car on the site right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by BLUECRAPI
    This is the best thread on the internet.
    1982-1C (Black) T-Top GT RestoMod:
    1986-9L (Oxford White) SVO:
    1979 (85:Tangerine) Coupe (my son's):
    1979 (3F:Light Medium Blue) Coupe (one day to be my other son's!)!

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    Thank you all for the compliments. I have been meaning to share my car for along time and just never found the time until now. As far as the original wheel goes it's in great shape . It is faux leather (Plastic molded to look like stitched leather ) which always bothered me. I saw that restored real leather wrapped wheel on Ebay and picked it up.The gauge pod is an auto meter which I bought very early in my ownership of the car. I purchased the one for a mustang and used leather gloves along with a heat gun to mold it to fit the Fairmont pillar. The Mighty mite Transmision was the hot set up in 2000 when I did the car I looked it up today and it's still available @ Dynamic racing transmissions. I had wiped out two previous transmissions so I wanted something overkill
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    You race it? Or just drive hard?

    '79 Mercury Zephyr ES 5.0L GT40 EFI, T-5
    '17 Ford Transit Connect Titanium LWB
    '14 Ford Fusion SE Manual

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    I had the car in my 20s and I wasn't that smart back then so I wooped on it and broke stuff . I'm in my 50s now so I dont like breaking things but I still have a little red light fun

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    Are the marchals factory for this car? They look nice where you have them. I may do something similar with my Crown Victoria. Basically the same style front end.

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    They were offered as a dealer installed option I purchased an NOS set last year after searching for years and the original switch was found years ago on eBay there is a very nice set here for sale if I hadn’t bought the ones I have I would buy the ones here

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    Name:  D8A0D378-BD58-447B-9C3D-88EA3E1A947B.jpeg
Views: 238
Size:  142.7 KBWoooo Hooooo. !!!!!!!!!!
    LET THE SANDING BEGIN !!!!!!!Name:  4AAFE0DC-67CB-4372-84E1-7CA7A2E3DF78.jpg
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    Name:  5724FE99-4F5E-4D51-9AED-6C7CFC4333B4.jpeg
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Size:  47.0 KBA few more pics from the body shop[ATTACH]128443[/Name:  03019E0F-9BB3-4927-84F0-8A90B5762C6A.jpeg
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