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    Default 1985-1986 GT Seats

    I picked these up locally for my 86 GT but changed my mind and like the rally seats already in the car.

    They are a little dirty but in good shape for 33 year old seats, include both working seat tracks, and in working condition. Halos look good, a little surface hairlines but in nice condition.

    Located in Central Florida

    $400 obo

    Prefer pickup but if there is an easy way to ship them am open to it.

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    Shipping by Greyhound bus is cheap and easy. Basically you wrap the seats up and they throw them into the storage underneath. Then you go to the depot and pick them up! (No I don't work for them, I've shipped many seats this way).

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    true ... Greyhound is very good. long as terminal is close to each one.... best way to ship interior panels too ....

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    I live in central florida and I am interested but not at that price. Any wiggle room there?

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