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    Default Detroit area events 2019

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    Default June 2019

    Saturday June 8
    Auburn Hills

    Saturday June 15 (June 10-15)
    Eastpoint ie East Detroit

    Saturday June 23

    Downriver 'Dream' Cruise
    Fort Street, Lincoln Park to Southgate.
    Saturday June 29
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    Seen being loaded up Saturday after the Woodward Cruise 2019 ended.
    1984 non-production Indy Fiero Pace Car, special 136 mph 4 cyl engine, snorkel. Quad exhaust sounded healthy.
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    Seen today at the annual FWHQ MOCSEM Mustang Memories car show.
    40th anny of Fox, in separate isles from the rest. One TRX car had new Coker 390's.
    The green Comet GT was there. Two Black SVO's 1984, 1986. V8 ASC's, GT350's, Two cars were Coyote repowered.

    Real nice paint. Decals looked clear coated, colors were correct, camera skewed them.
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    Default posting some car cruise action

    AUGUST 1 2021
    Official local and city sponsored events returning after 2 years of cancellations.
    This one is annual August car cruise Gratiot Ave/M3. Metro Detroit 60's east side suburbs off Lake St. Clair.
    Four miles north of the June show/cruise. Two miles Nb+Sb to cruise, meet up, park it, sit and watch.
    M-3 is four lanes both nb and sb, wide grassy median for 8 miles.
    Weather warm of course but not hot this year.
    Lots of action towards sundown. No water needed for burn out lanes on M-3. Lot of rubber laid down.
    This cruise has no traffic backups. Burnouts mostly done at turnaround intersection red lights.
    Motorcycle high speed stunt wheelies. One vette bounced off the curb.
    So much thick lingering tire smoke, a mask was not out of place. Long burnouts and some street smoked donuts.
    Funny how some tire smoke smelled differently from the norm. Mainly newer Mopars, Vettes, and Mustangs.
    Hard to complete a verbal sentence with many loud exhausts getting down driving by and showing off.
    We left at 10p they were still at it. The bar has Sunday car shows so nothing new there.

    In the late 60's, never seen this level of daring behavior anywhere on Gratiot M-3 on a weekend cruise night.
    Especially less than a mile north of the old neighborhood and across from our local and thriving local indoor 60's mall.
    The official cruise turns normal car buff dead zones into a fun strips. Every bar had an event.

    2p met up at a car lot, then 4p on to the usual spot in the large former Montgomery Wards pkg lot, now Lowes. Then to the night spot at 6p.
    The usual passing shower came at 330p chasing old classics home, most not returning. Hard core and the wild ones remained.
    After a 1-2 hours lull, everything dried up from the wind and cars returned to the Ave.

    The 3 locations

    "The fastest car on the water and fastest boat on the road."
    Said to do neither very well. Was raining. Never seen one with the top up.
    Name:  ampacar ctwshp 2021 3030.JPG
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    2003-04 Cobra verti 5sp. Owner always wanted one even after owning/trading nice selection of fox Mustangs since 1980 and his 79 turbo pace car.
    Unrestored 66 Mustang 289/auto oe spare, oe weather striping in great shape, bench seat, am radio. all stickers old but still there. Got it few months ago.
    Owner says no worrys driving/parking it most anywhere. Scratches no big deal. Hates having to watch his restored 68 Fairlane 500's paint job like a hawk.
    Cruises are one way our family and long time friends get together for a couple hours. Pics are a must for 'Remember that day at the car lot?'
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