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    I知 looking for some ideas to build a custom 6X9 box for my 82 hatch. I have two set of RF subs but I知 looking for something I can still have some room for a cooler and some chairs. Thanks

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    IMO - the very best setup for subs is a narrow depth box installed right behind the rear seat rear firing. I prefer my boxes sealed. With a sealed enclosure you need around 4% less internal box volume than the manufacturers tend to call for based upon the interior volume its firing into.

    I prefer a single sub being ran bridged mono with higher wattage capacity over two subs because by the time you factor in cancellation its louder and its cleaner.

    Easy enough to make a chamber in the top of the box that's isolated from the sub for some 6x9's to go into. fire those off the glass.

    That would leave the area under the spoiler in back for a cooler, etc.

    Several other design possibilities -- I've ran many of them. This is what did the best at sound competitions and in IMO also sounds the best.

    With my current setup if I had it to do again I'd go right on manufacturer's spec for enclosure volume simply because then my 3db down point will be a little lower and I can run a slightly higher frequency cross-over knowing the box won't as readily respond.

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