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    Default Plastic booster spacer between the pedal box and firewall, do I need it?

    I'm installing a 4 wheel disc setup out of a 94 GT on a 85 LTD. As I was "gliding" it into place I noticed something that kept getting in the way of the stud going into the hole. It turns out that it was the plastic spacer that had crumbled away, so now I have 4 separate spacers that will not stay in place for the life of me.

    I do not remember seeing this spacer at all when I did the 5 speed swap on my 85 LTD LX, I also used 87-93 pedals on that one. I noticed that the 94-95 pedal boxes have this similar spacer, but steel, possibly spot welded to the back of them.

    I can't use another 87-93 one because the spacer holes won't line up with the 94-95 booster studs, should I just go without one? Or find some 94-95 pedals and use the spacer from that? Any advice would be helpful.


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    You'll still need to space the booster/pedals properly. When I swapped to the sn95 booster for my disc/5 lug swap mine was busted in pieces too. I just took one of the broken pieces and used a couple washers lol. The proportioning valve and master won't quite line up on the strut tower properly without something there
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    I put a bunch of washers in place of mine. I taped them together so I wouldn't have to hold them in place.

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    We got sick of dealing with the crumbled plastic spacer plate also, so we started making them out of aluminum.
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