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    Default Swapping an updated fuel tank into a '79 coupe?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum here but I have questions for anyone who has swapped a later year fox (aero-nose) or a Sn95 tank (94-95 specifically) into a '79 coupe. I've got a couple of tanks. One from a '94 GT, an '88 GT, and another aeronose tank. I know 79 tanks are different when compared to others. The floor pans are different and it has something to do with tank size and the spare tire well. The strap mounting points are completely different from everything I can tell. So my question is, how did you do it? Did you have to fab new mounts for the straps and beat the crap out of the later model tank to fit? Any tips and tricks?

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    I am also very interested in the same thing. I have a 81 notch that’s getting a fuel injected 351w and I’m wondering if it would be easier to install a inline fuel pump or a newer tank/pump?

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    Same with a 79 notch but with a carb
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    There are a couple of members here on FEP that have done the swap. I will probably do one myself in the near future on a couple of my early Foxes. My understanding is generally you can use a BFH to modify the spare tire well for the larger later model fuel tank to fit. The fuel straps should fit the later model tank without much work. I believe NPD offers replacements if yours are in bad shape or missing.

    If you don't want to beat the spare tire well out of the way, you could make a cut in the well and then move that area over to clear the tank and then weld it and a strip of filler metal in the hatch/trunk area to finish it off. I have considered cutting the area out of a donor car to do just that for either my 79 PC or my 81 BM Capri. Good Luck!

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    Subscribing, will be doing the same to my 79 Capri soon

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    I have a '92 tank in my '80 coupe, so it should cover everyone's questions. I used a mallet to clearance the sump area of the spare tire well to fit the tank in. It's not too bad to do, and you can still get a tire in the tire well if you plan to carry a mini-spare. You can use the original straps, but will need longer bolts and some spacers as the tank is a little larger and the straps won't go around it enough. I have mine in with longer bolts and spacers.

    The only issue you'll have with the later tank in the earlier car will be the fuel gauge reading incorrectly. You will want to switch to an 85/86 fuel tank sender with the later EFI tank if you want your gauge to read correctly. The later EFI tank reads opposite of the earlier models, so at 3/4 tank you'll read empty on the earlier gauge and be actually empty when it reads 1/2 tank.

    This is a video I did for the battery relocation and fuel tank. Jump to the 6 minute mark for the tank. The first half is covering the battery relocation work.

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    Good stuff , that's what I was thinking but its nice to be able to confirm.

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