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    Default 1982 Mustang GT 5.0 / 4 speed (61k orig mi)


    1982 Mustang GT
    302 V8 (5.0) 4 speed

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    more pics
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    this is what the car looked like with stock wheels and springs
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    Nice lookin car

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    Nice 82. By the way, I believe that is dealer installed AC also. The controls with the Ford logo and the York compressor are the giveaway. Reminds me that I need to finish my 82 this spring. I think the 82 GT is the most attractive of the Fox bodies. You should have no problem on the sale, good luck!


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    Yes, that is dealer installed A/C. Nice looking GT GLWS!

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    Nice GT (GLWS)

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    Beautiful 82. My favorite color on my favorite fox...especially with those 14" stock wheels!

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    Sweet car

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    The Cobra wheels have been removed and replaced with 10 holes so the car is back to near stock/original. Orig wheels with NEW tires are stacked in the garage and go with the car.
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    Current look Name:  E70C6276-C67E-4071-B566-90BD62BD46B1.jpg
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    updated photos...
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    Last ones...
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    I'm sure someone will complain about the value I've set but here are a couple items to back it up.

    1. Another car almost identical to mine, was bid up to $12k at the Leake Auction here in Dallas in 2018. I personally think the paint was a bit nicer on that one BUT the low mileage could not be proven. There was no documentation with that car.

    2. Hagerty values this car in #2 condition at $11,800. I'm not saying mine is in Excellent condition, but its pretty close for a 37 year old car.
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    Very nice car, definitely something I would be interested in buying if you were closer.

    Since you displayed the Hagerty's screenshot in your post, without offending you or hijacking your ad I would like to take a moment and elaborate on the industry standard 1-thru-6 old car condition guidelines, because I often see people nowadays misunderstand these condition guidelines as they are presented by the popular price guides. Below is the easiest way to remember and or understand it...

    #1 = Essentially perfect in every way, high caliber restoration or ultra low mile original, rarely or never driven.

    #2 = Almost as nice as a #1 vehicle but driven, almost prefect, appears perfect to most people, very few at car cruises, no excuses.

    #3 = Completely operable, nice inside and out, no rust, attractive paint, some flaws, needs very little, looks excellent few feet away. (this is pretty much most cars you see at car shows and car cruises, everything from decent drivers to exceptional drivers)

    #4 = Driveable, worn original or poor restoration, minimal rust but not structural, needs some work throughout but useable as-is.

    #5 = Needs restored, not roadworthy, may or may not run, mostly complete and not rusted beyond repair.

    #6 = Parts or salvage, complete or incomplete vehicle, severe rust or wrecked, parts car in most cases.

    Note: You can also sub categorize a vehicle even further by assigning a MINUS or a PLUS after the number, for example if its too nice to be a #4 but not nice enough to be a #3 it would be assigned a #3 MINUS.
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    Sold! Sold! Sold!

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    Finally! Originality sells. Those seats and Cobra rims probably kept it from selling earlier.
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