Suburban Detroit's 'east side' has another all new cruise route this year.

Route is billed as 6 miles long, N-S on M-53: street name is Van Dyke.
Is deep in Mopar and GM auto worker territory. This area of town is dominated by FCA factories and GM.
A Ford here is 'foreign', like a GM or Chrysler is in Dearborn.
East border of 330 acre GM Tech Center property runs along side the route.
The road is no stranger to hot cars, but never seen a race or anyone cruising in the past. Not smooth enough.

Should be interesting to see how the route turns out for cruising. Lots of places to hang. Speed limit is 35-45.
Is mostly in a good area of town, old well established working class original suburban cities.
Heavily traveled 5 lane during work week, shoppers on weekends. A major bus route since forever.
The road was never really a known cruise destination. Maybe in the 50's when drive-ins (food) were hang outs.
Has hosted small car shows for years.
Road has existed as a N-S state trunkline since 1919 and is 120 miles long

Detroit area now will have one major cruise (5) every weekend from Memorial Day to Independence Day.
Plus the usual club and local car shows.