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    Default New Guy with '79 Capri RS

    Hello all,

    I've always been a fan of the foxes and have come to love the 4-eyed ones. Had a list of fun project cars that I wanted to pull the trigger on if the opportunity came up and a 4-eyed capri with a V8 was high on that list.

    I grew up driving my dad's '89 GT. It was a pristine car and I really liked the power it had for the size, the problem is it wasn't 'my own', and I found myself liking the older generation foxes more.

    A few days ago, I happened across an ad for one for a great price! It's a bit rough, but more or less there.
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    My brother and I drove almost 4 hours to pick her up, and she drove the whole way back. Felt right at home on the country roads!

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    The paint is rough, but it looks good from a distance, kind of gives you a mad max vibe. Something I like about the car.

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    I really like the interior on these compared to other foxes. I think these seats have been reupholstered. The PO had some leftover material in the hatch which matches the central portion of these seats. Some of the knobs are broken, speedo needs servicing, dash is cracked, but most of the lights work.

    I didn't realize it at first, but apparently this car was originally a turbocharged 2.3l. At some point in its life it was given a roller cam 5.0 from a '90 GT. I don't know if the rear end likes that very much, but I'm not in the business of ripping up pavement with it anyhow.

    They are a little damaged and rattle a bit. I actually have them off the car right now. I'm kind of undecided on what to do about them. I would like to keep the original look, but they probably need refurbishing first.

    Side Exhaust
    Yea that's obviously not original.. On the plus side I get a healthy amount of that sweet V8 sound in the interior, on the negative side, it sounds like a harley on occasion which is weird.

    Hood Scoop?
    This is something I'm hoping I can learn more about from this group. There are holes in this hood! I can hardly believe this car had a functional hood scoop. I'm wondering if this is something that comes with the Turbo models. I can't seem to find much info about them.

    What I want to do with the car
    - Hood scoop as intake?
    From what I've read, forward facing scoops like this one aren't good for intakes because they are low pressure areas. I'm thinking maybe if I formed an insulated seal from the hood to the intake I may be able to make it work as a 'cold intake', but I'm curious what the original motor did to make use of it. Right now I have it blocked off so crap doesn't come in.

    - Interior Restore
    There isn't too much to do here. The carpets could use cleaning, no floor mats. Mainly the cracked dashboard needs replacing. The speedometer reads too high at the moment too so I'll be figuring that out in the near future

    - Exhaust
    I'm ashamed to say that I'm actually enjoying the glasspack side exhaust, but there are a couple things I'm considering. Either put in an H-Pipe so I can get the V8 sound from both pipes instead of 4 cylinders per pipe, or put some nicer exhaust in there and run it out the back like normal.

    This car may be a bastardization of what was once a turbocharged Capri RS, but I hope to enjoy it for what it is: a lovely little fox with a phenomenal ford v8

    Thanks for reading! Excited to learn more about these cars and more from your community!

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    Based on the other posts, it looks like you guys like pics. Here are a couple more, I'll post more tomorrow (maybe get more of the interior)
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    Got her safe in the garage

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    Welcome! Nice car! I like it alot, looks like a pretty easy restore. It looks good just the way it is. Your pics are sweet!

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    Bastardized or not it looks to me like a very solid start, the issues look minor compared to the positives I see..
    Congrats on getting a pretty solid Capri.
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    Good looking Capri and as Matt stated, looks like a solid start for a great car.

    The hood scoop was never functional from the factory neither the forward facing or the bulge scoops. They are purely decorative. Any cold air induction you get will be minimal at best. If you only drive the Capri in good weather, then no big deal. If you plan on driving it rain or shine, then I would recommend finding the correct front trim block off piece and replace it to seal the scoop up and prevent water, etc. from getting into the engine. Best of Luck!

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    Welcome! I love the 79 to 82 Capris.
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    Nice looking car, congrats!!!
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    That is an excellent score. A good price, complete, and healthy enough to complete a road trip home, can't beat that.

    I can't be certain from the pics, but it looks like your hood scoop went through what I did to mine. On that style scoop, there's the trim piece Trey is talking about, but it sits right in front of a vertical surface that effectively blocks the scoop opening and just serves to hold the trim piece.

    I drove my 85 GT through all sorts of weather and while the engine compartment definitely DOES get crapped up more from the opening, it really wasn't all that bad. I don't think you're likely to hurt anything that isn't already hurtin'.

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    That's a great looking car! Nice that it is in the hands of someone who appreciates it and is going to enjoy it... As far as the missing piece for the hood scoop. LMR has them. Congrats again on a sweet ride!

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    Great looking car... Welcome to FEP..

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    Welcome to FEP! That's a great looking car! Its in nice shape at 40. Enjoy it!

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