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    Default Need new Radiator and fan setup. What brand should I look at?

    Hey guys, need a new radiator and fan setup and was wondering what I should look at getting? Was looking at the SVE stuff from LMR but I wanted to see if anybody had any other suggestions. And good brands that summit has? Engine is just a 91 5.0l with upgraded intake, stock carb and bbk headers.
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    what are your future plans...might as well buy now for what you plan to do in the future.

    I ended up going with an afco 2 core rad, mark VIII fan, and dcc controller...keeps my hci car nice and cool. However, if i have to replace the fan i will probably go with a taurus fan or something a little thinner. As it sits i only have about 1/4 in between the fan motor and my waterpump...makes it a PITA to get in and out.

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    Hope this helps, This is what I am currently running and it works pretty good,

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    I am running a mishimotor 2 row radiator with stock fan on my 86. Engine is 363 no problems with overheating.

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    I bought this one from LMR. It's been in there for 2 years with no issues,
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    FWIW I did the Ford contour electric fan upgrade with a Volvo relay and two stage BMW switch as per one of the threads on this site or just google and you will find lots of information on it.

    I found all the parts at the local pick n pull for very reasonable and was really happy with the result. No more worrying about plastic fans and clutches and doesn't spin a fan at all when its not needed etc.

    It also really cleans up the access to the engine bay and access to the crank pulley if you need to hand turn the engine for maintenance. The only thing that involved a bit of work was I custom fabricated a lower rad hose inline temp switch holder using a 1.25 heavy pipe nipple (tee tapped) with a small brass hex bushing to get the M14X1.5 BMW switch thread to work. You can also buy these pieces online already built if you check around though.

    Only drawback I can see is that the fans draw quite a bit of current 20-30A (higher the instant they kick on) which may be too much for the older alternators unless you also do a 3G upgrade etc. If you want to get fancy I guess you could do the variable speed as well.

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    I got the sve aluminum radiator, volvo 2 speed electric fan and controller, and bmw temp switch. I got the fan, controller and switch out of the junk yard for like $25 bucks.
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