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    Default 2.3 turbo dealership display

    Anyone ever see the cardboard display depicting a 2.3 turbo motor ford dealerships had years ago??it was a front view of the motor and had a motorized timing belt and fan that turned . The display stood about 18 tall and would sit on the counter. I saw one for sale at a consignment shop in Utica and went back to get it . Was already sold...Id love to have it to display with my pace car. Please contact me if anyone has one. 810-875-5202. Todd

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    Sounds interesting. Like to see one if someone has one.
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    There was a version of the visible engine model in a 2.3 I believe. Not sure if it was a turbo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinK View Post
    There was a version of the visible engine model in a 2.3 I believe. Not sure if it was a turbo.
    1979-ish it was carbed turbo (pic from eBay):

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    Yeah I can’t find a pic anywhere.. wish I had bought it when I could!!��������

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    Yeah have two of the models lol. I haven’t seen the Ford turbo display would like to though.

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    Anyone know a good site for collectibles??any pics??

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