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    Default 1983 GLX 5.0 5 Speed Convertible 70K miles

    North Atlanta burbs. $8,400
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    Nice Car - good luck with sale

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    Having seen this car in person, it's a beautiful example. Super original down to the date coded plug wires.
    Best of luck with the sale.

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    Looks awesome with the TRX wheels! GLWS!!
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    Beautiful 83!!

    But: "I would challenge anyone to find a cleaner, low mileage fox body than this one."?
    Challenge accepted: 37K miles. A/C. PW/PL.

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    Pros and cons as with anything I suppose. I prefer the non cloth interior and factory exhaust. You have half the mileage though. Very nice car, I guess we will just need to sit them next to each other. In the mean time I'm okay with a draw.

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    Fair enough. The original exhaust was a mess - i still have the manifolds though, and mine does need a new top also.
    The 82 GT is my favorite - then the 83/84 GT. I might put this up in the summer and search one of those out.

    Yours is sharp as hell... GLWS!!

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    Both sets of wheels and tires included in the price.

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    Additional wheels and tires
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