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My understanding is that the 79 and 80 fuel tanks are different size than a 81 or onward and won't fit. Or can I just throw a tank from 82 with a return line and call it a day?
The 79-81 tank is the 12 gallon tank and the 82-93 is the 15 gallon tank (Yes each tank is actually more like 12.5 and 15.5 gallons or so, but you get the idea). The straps changed with the 82 tank and require modification on the 79-81 models when attempting the swap. As for just swapping tanks, some have essentially bolted in with few modifications, others have had to massage the spare tire well with a BFH for clearance. Seems to just depend on the car. All require longer bolts for the original straps to work. You will also need to make some modifications to the fuel lines and likely your sending unit wiring since that is different. The filler neck is also different, but not 100% on if you HAVE to swap it out or not. I will probably make the swap on my 79 PC when I swap the new motor into it at some point, but till then I am not sure. Good Luck!