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    Default 1983 GT Convertible: Sale Price?

    Hey guys,
    I posted many months ago inquiring about purchasing this car and found some good info for what I needed at the time, and feel I got a great deal. However, I am thinking of selling this car here upcoming. The story goes: I was seeking a fox body when I lucked out to find this one, I have since enjoyed it as a daily driver for many months but am looking into selling it because I will be graduating college soon and will need a truck as I am hoping to start my own shop up restoring cars. I know many may pick apart what may or may not be correct but I know that I have a letter from Ford confirming that it is a 5.0 5 speed built in February of 83. Car is originally from California, however I bought it from a guy who had kept it in the garage (Pennsylvania) for the past 20 years. The hood had been repainted at one time and thats the only bodywork I am aware of even after looking it up and down. Car for sure has 34k miles on it now; I changed the original plugs, wires, rotor and cap etc whenever I first bought it. Currently the items done to it: new clutch, calipers, pads, axle bearings, rear shoes and hardware, new thermostat and subsequently new intake gasket as the bolts broke off, few new hoses and such, carb rebuild, stainless shorties, egr pump delete, ac disconnected, new heater core, new tires, radio, and a small subwoofer. Engine bay is now smoothed out and has a billet hurst short throw.
    Currently the back seat is deleted, however I do have the rear seat and everything I have taken off the car that could be installed again aside from the tri-bars
    Car has Recaro interior that I love, although I don't think it is the seats that it left the factory with. They are coming apart on the backs and should be redone although they aren't really an issue.
    Overall, I have put about seven thousand miles on this old girl, many cross country trips in the eight months or so I have owned it and never been stranded. The car runs great and everything works as it should.
    Thanks for any suggestions!
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    Here's a few more pictures, apologize for the fact some are sideways!
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    Looks like a GLX car. Made in February, puts it way too early to be a GT. It needs a lot of work. Really clean GLX Verts are going for about $7-8K nowadays. To make this one "right", you'd have to put a good bit of work into it. If you just wanna 'dump it', you maybe could get $5,000. Does it have an Ownership History, clean Carfax, that kind of thing?? I didn't read the ad closely, but those '84 gauge appliques have gotta go! Ford made approx. 5000, 5.0 GLX convertibles for '83 (~20000, total), and not sure how the demand would be, but if its a stock 5 speed(not SROD), has a no-hit body, clean history, and only needs cosmetics, you should be able to squeak 5 grand. Clean it up real nice beforehand, install the stock wheels, that would be my advice.

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    I have an 83 GLX 5.0 Convertible and I also believe your car is one as well.

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