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    Default where is Inertia fuel shut-off switch

    Hi, i have 2016 mustang ecoboots, alternator is ok, battery is ok,
    is like gas stop, i did see something in google about inertia fuel shut-off switch

    where is this locate in the car.

    thank y

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    Not the correct forum but check your owners manual. It should tell you where it is.
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    I can tell you the shut off in a 1984 model is in the trunk above the driver's side wheel well. After I got rear ended, the car wouldn't start, and the cop who was helping at the scene used to drive a Fox mustang cruiser, he actually knew where it was. I both learned something about the car, and lost it in the same night!

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    ok, thank you

    i check it and not found, google or another data engine not have information with 2016.


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    I believe Ford did away with the fuel pump inertia switch on the newer model vehicles. Virtually everything is run thru the different computers/modules.

    It is possible you have a bad fuel pump, or it could be related to the anit-theft system as to why you can't get the vehicle to start. If you have the owner's manual I would recommend checking that for help. Good Luck!

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    Yes, manual not help to much,

    i think problem is about anit-theft system, fuel pump or some fuse like Fuel pump relay, Starter motor solenoid.

    thank you!!!

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    Just checked the shop manual for this vehicle, they don't have a reset switch. The Fuel Pump Driver Module is located under the rear seat.

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    Yes, i read that in some google page, but i left the car at the dealer,
    later i will post was what the problem, maybe help others.

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    dealer said problem is the fuel pump

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    Non-FEP section recommended

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