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    Default Two Tone Paint On Door Interior and a Windshield Banner Question

    I was hoping to get some help on a couple of questions I have.
    On my 1980 Cobra it came with Two Tone paint and Road Abrasion.
    The outside of door and the door frame is split color, red and black, but the inside of the doors are solid red.
    It has been painted and I am wondering if it was done correctly.

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    Could someone post a picture of their original paint two tone door interior?

    My second question is regarding the windshield banner on my car when I got it in 1988.
    It had a white lettered "MUSTANG" banner across the top of the windshield.
    As it was all cracked and yellowing I scraped it off with a razor blade. It was individual painted letters not a solid decal.
    I was left with a very cool "MUSTANG" darker tint at the top of my windshield, likely because it did not fade at the same rate.
    I figured over time it would fade out, but it has not.

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    Has anyone ever seen this before? Is it factory, dealer option or something 80's aftermarket?

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    I wanted to post a picture I recently found, I think it is an 80/ 81 Cobra taken at the same time ford did a photo shoot for their brochure.
    The brochure has it with the doors and hatch open. You do not see many red pictures of Cobra's.

    Brochure Image
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    New image I found.
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    If you referring to the movable map light, my 1980 Capri had it and my Current 1986 Capri has it.
    1986 ACS McLaren Capri
    1982 Mustang GT

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    No, not the map light.
    The "mustang" tinted into the windshield banner.

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    I believe the mustang on the windshield was just an aftermarket 80s thing, I always thought they were cool. My 88 Saleen came with “Saleen” on the windshield from their factory, when I went to replace it, it did the same thing yours has done.

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