Hows it going everyone, the issue Im having is the car idles high when warmed up, when cold it starts right up and idles at around 900rpm, But the idle will go up with the temperature, and once at operating temp it idles around 2000rpm, if I cap the carb it will turn off so I dont think I have that bad of a vacuum leak if any, if I disconnect the map sensor after a few seconds itll idle down to 1200ish rpm, if I rev it up it will hold the idle at 2k, then after a bit it will lower to around 1200rpm again, only with map sensor disconnected, with it connected it will not idle down ever, the car also doesnt do anything when I unplug the iac or the tps, this is my first 4eye and first carbureted car guys so please bare with me, any help will be greatly appreciated