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    Default exhaust 86 3.8 CFI

    around June, I pulled off my Y-pipe because two of the cats were clogged. I've ran open headers since then. It's time for some sort of exhaust again.

    Been reading up on it, my dad and I would like new headers to go with it too. Saw that sn95 headers would fit up to my 3.8. though I would like opinions on what to put behind that, thinking about grabbing another crossmember to have dual pipes as well. Like I said, just looking for some opinions on what I should do.

    1986 Mustang "Frankenstang" '03 IRS 3.8 CFI
    1997 Crown Victoria, partially Grand Marquis

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    I am doing the same on my daughter's 83 Capri. I bout 5.0 lx pipes, mufflers and hanger kit along with an adjustable double hump cross member. I am going to build my own header to muffler mid pipes our of j bends and straight tubing. No honest muffler shop will build them without a cat. Good luck!

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