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    Could not decide where to put this Mick. I have given you the information on it already a few years back but can't find the thread. My old car is for sale on Ebay. Terrible, terrible ad with horrible pictures. I know you like to track when they come up and switch hands etc. Please move this wherever it goes if not here. I don't consider it an "FYI for sale" ad because it's not. I am just trying to update you so you can mark this one in the DB as listed for sale. I know you do that.

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    I would add the whole gt350 story to that description if you want to sell it for that much...
    1984.5 G.T.350 5.0 CFI AOD Convertible (TRX package, loaded)
    K&N filter in a stock dual snorkel, GT40 heads, Edelbrock 3721 intake, MSD 8456 Dist., MSD 8227 coil
    Comp cams XE254H, hypereutectic pistons
    Hooker Super Comp Shorty Equal Length Headers, catted BBK H-pipe, full custom duals
    Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates and strut tower brace, 3.73 rear, dura grip (both Yukon)
    Ford Performance Springs, Firehawk A/S 225/55r16 on LMR TRX r390 wheels (street)
    Federal 595 rs-rr 245/40r17 and 255/40r17 on OE cobra r wheels (race)
    AOD rebuilt with a 6 clutch direct drum, Koline steels stacked with 8 clutches, Kevlar band, superior shift kit, new torque converter. --Everything else stock and fully functional.

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    yeah, no joke. I agree. Terrible ad. Awful pictures. No details and it's not worth anywhere near that much. Northern car it's whole life and it was my daily driver in the salt for a good while. Still a good car though.
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    Thanks, homer. I had an ebay feed for this car in my email but I hadn't updated registry or database yet. This was a good reminder.
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