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    Default T fitting - Oil pressure sending unit

    I have a mechanical oil pressure gauge I'm hooking up, but wouldn't mind for belt and suspenders keeping the dummy light active. I've heard of a T-fitting to do there a PN I could use? Or am I best off taking off the current electrical fitting with me to a Lowes/Home depot and digging around the plumbing section?

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    Grant get yourself a Oil Pressure Sending Extensions C2OZ-9B339-A it will make it so much easier to work on. They sell em on ebay and other places to.

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    Looks like 'A' suffix is single hole, 'DP' is 2 port?
    Whatever, do not use brass pipe for extension. Too soft or thin in thread area.
    Brass tee ok. Found iron pipe and tees work fine too.

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    Yeah, I just went to the hardware store and picked one up with the correct threads as mentioned above.
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    Thanks everyone...and good to see you on board here Gary!

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    Anyone know what size the fitting is? I tried getting an 11mm, 12mm, 7/16 and 1/2 on it, and the big ones were too big and the small ones too small. Guessing it's like a 15/32"?

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